Inflatable Rainbow Float

Product description

This swimming floating bed is the best choice for your seaside, summer, swimming pool, parties and holidays.
Cute rainbow shaped floating row, looks great in pool and sea beach, must be very eye-catching.
Ideal for Kids and adults to have a great summer fun or just to lounge and relax in the sun.

– PVC inflatable products are airtight gasbag type structure, the use of soft and comfortable.
– The configuration of the security gas filled valve (mouth), a full of gas that can exhaust used multiple times and durable.
– Outgassing after folding packaging, light and convenient, easy to carry, store does not occupy a space.
– Product surface is bright and smooth, easy to clean and sanitary.

1.This product is not equipped with inflatable tools.
2. Children must use pool floats under the supervision of an adult.
3. Keep away from sharp objects and fire sources.

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