Inflatable Heart donut ring

Product Description:

Extra large size – Giant outer diameter 120CM / inner diameter 40CM, made of environmentally friendly PVC, thickness 0.25MM, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic.
Cute styling – you can lie on an attractive and realistic look that suits people of all ages to sleep and enjoy. Relax in the sun or ride with the best friends in your life.
Easy to inflate – you can quickly and easily inflate with a cooling blower, toy air pump or compressor, and you can deflate faster.
Easy to use and carry – suitable for indoor and outdoor, such as swimming pools, lakes, seaside and more. Ultra-lightweight and easy to play anywhere.
The perfect summer toy – this is the ideal gift for children, friends, family and summer vacation. At family gatherings or parties, you will have great fun.

Material: environmentally friendly PVC
Thickness: 0.25MM
Pattern: Love Donuts
Size: 120CM
Bearing capacity: 220 pounds

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