Inflatable Butterfly ring

Product description

❤ Product Name: Water inflatable three-dimensional butterfly swimming ring

❤Product material: PVC; thickness about 25 (mm) / 0.98 in

❤ Inflatable size: 160x110cm

❤ suitable for the crowd: adults

❤ Product loading: 60kg-120kg

❤ Product color: red, blue

PVC remarks:

1. Not suitable for children under 6 years old. (require parents to accompany)

2. Place a flat place. Keep away from fire or sharp objects.

3. Wait 15 minutes after inflation to ensure no leakage before use.

Children should play with their parents, please don’t let your children swim alone.

5. If not used for a long time. Should be folded to avoid damage to the product.

6. This product is an inflatable water toy and cannot be used as a lifesaving device.

7. Do not inflate for a long time, otherwise it may cause damage. Do not swell more than 85%.

8. Do not leave the child unattended while using it. Use only under the supervision of an adult.

9. If the temperature is high, do not place the inflatable product and keep the valve inside the car or in the tent.

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