Inflatable Baby float

    Product description

    Product Description:
    Gender:little princess girl
    Recommended ages 6-48 months
    Max weight:60lb

    Flamingo baby float introduces baby to the water in cartoon float with canopy. The baby float tube features a comfortable leg FREE seat, soft inflatable cushion, and adjustable canopy. The float’s wings design provides added stability in the water.

    Baby Boat with adjustable and removable Sunshade

    Dual Air Chambers: One (inner) air chamber with “”+””seat for baby sitting,one(outer) with stabilizers .

    Easily Inflatable and Portable: Inflate and deflate easily. Folds for portability and storage.

    Dimensions 35.4” (90cm) in length for added stability.

    ☛This is not a life-saving device. NEVER leave kids unattended while device is in use. Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.
    ☛Do not overinflate or use high pressure air to inflate.
    ☛Under no circumstances, should a child left alone in and around water unless a competent adult swimmer is present supervising the child.
    ☛Do not use with a baby who cannot sit confidently. The possibility does exist that a baby could tip over. To reduce the risk of this happening, the water must be dep enough so that the baby cannot touch bottom.
    ☛Always exercise extra caution when babies are teething as they could puncture the baby boat.
    ☛Do not give any playing accessories that have the potential to puncture or damage the float.

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